Need a tux?

Anticipating prom or a wedding? If so, you'll likely need a tux, but as you already know, that can come with a hefty price. Plus, this may be the only time you'll wear it. So, why spend so much when you can rent a tuxedo from us?

At Alpine Events, we offer clients a personalized range of tuxedo rentals perfect for any occasion. Our formal wear experts will meet with you to discuss your suit needs and schedule fittings that are convenient for you! No matter your size or style needs, trust us to have something just right for you!

Take a moment to explore our range of tuxedo rental options by clicking the link above! We're proud to partner with Jim's Formal Wear to provide our clients with only the best when it comes to tuxes.

There's no better to look your best for special occasions, than with a fitted tuxedo tailored to you!