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Wedding planning 101
Bride and groom embrace at sunset during their wedding day

Wedding planning 101

The love of your life popped the question and you said YES! After the initial excitement wears off, and in between kisses, you find yourselves figuring out how to plan for the big day. What day should you choose? Does it have significance? Are there any other big events that day? There are just so many questions that you aren't sure about yet!

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BREATHE! We've got this handled! First off, congratulations! Getting married is a huge and exciting step! Remember, your wedding is all about you and your soon-to-be spouse. We all know those people who think you should Do it this way! or Do it that way! or What would your grandma think? But this is your day and there are only two people who really should be running the show.

While we're not full-blown wedding planners at Alpine Events, we have helped many, many people with their special day and we're offering our services to you for yours. Grab your notebook because there are a bunch of things that need to be in order before your wedding day.

Pick a Date

This is crucial because you need to know what season your wedding will be taking place in. The two biggest wedding months of the year are June and September. The “wedding season” runs from late spring through early fall, but you can choose any date you wish. The time of the year your wedding takes place can affect your budget, so keep that in mind.

Wedding Size

Another important topic before talking about the budget is how big your wedding will be. This question answers how big will your wedding party be to how many guests do you wish to have. Also, do you want children at the wedding? And since we live in such a dog-friendly state, you might want to clarify whether animals can be someone's plus 1.

It might go without saying, but this is also the time to figure out your wedding party. Most weddings include the following: maid (or matron) of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, flower girl, & ring bearer. Keep in mind that a larger wedding party can incur more expenses and can make the day more stressful as you try and keep track of everybody. About 3-4 bridesmaids and 3-4 groomsmen is a good amount to include your closer friends while still keeping the size of the wedding party within reason.

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This is a discussion that most people don't want to have especially with family members who are planning to chip in for the big day, but having it at the beginning of the planning process is highly recommended to avoid any financial surprises down the road.

You and your partner might not be aware of the costs involved and may find that your dream wedding is more expensive than you imagined. Prioritizing your wedding wants and needs is necessary. Weddings can happen on any budget, you just need to figure out what is most important and work you way down from there.

First of all, set the budget for your entire wedding. Make sure you do some research on the costs of everything involved with a wedding so you can set a realistic budget. Next, prioritize your budget. What parts of the wedding are most important to you? Is it the decor, flowers, photographer, band, or something else? Choose about 3 things that you really want and splurge a little on those vendors. Then, examine the rest of your budget and see what you can cut out of your wedding and what you can DIY.

Also, the more guests you have, the higher the cost of your wedding. A lot of couples don't think about this. But a larger guest list will bring more expenses. The more guests you have, the larger venue you'll need, the more food you'll need to pay for, etc.


There are so many apps and wedding planner books available so we recommend picking one that works best for you. The Knot has a great app that can help you plan things and keep track. We personally recommend at least having these following categories within your planner: budget, guest list, vendor manager, seating chart, registries, wedding theme/colors, wedding website, and a master check list. It's a good rule of thumb to have special checklists for each month of the year leading up to your wedding day – some things can be checked off months in advance.

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Who typically pays for what?

The list below is traditionally who pays for wedding-related things, but it's not a concrete list. You can switch things around, share expenses, or save money by DIY. This is YOUR day!

Bride's Bouquet, Boutonnieres for men and Corsages for mothers and grandmothers (groom or his family)

Bridesmaids' Gifts (bride)

Cake (bride's family)

Catering (bride's family)

Ceremony (bride's family, including the venue, decorations, and music)

Day-After Brunch (bride's family)

Engagement Announcements (bride's family)

Flowers (bride's family)

Gift for Bride's Parents (bride)

Gift for Groom's Parents (groom)

Groom's Gift (bride)

Groomsmen's Gifts (groom)

Honeymoon (groom or his family)

Officiant (groom or his family)

Marriage License (groom or his family)

Photography (bride's family)

Pre-wedding parties

-Bachelor party (best man or all the groomsmen unless it's out of town, then the groom)

-Bachelorette party (maid of Honor or all the bridesmaids unless it's out of then, then the bride)

-Engagement party (bride's family)

-Wedding shower (whoever is hosting it)

Reception (bride's family, including the venue, decorations, alcohol, and music)

Rehearsal Dinner (groom or his family)


-Bride's wedding band (groom or his family)

-Engagement (groom or his family)

-Groom's Wedding band (bride)

Stationary (bride's family)

Transportation (bride's family)

Videography (bride's family)

Wedding attire

-Bride's dress/attire (bride's family)

-Groom's tux/attire (groom or his family)

-Bridal Party (pay for their own clothing)

Wedding Day Gift for the Bride (groom)

Wedding Favors (bride's family)

Wedding Night Accommodations (groom)

Wedding Planner (bride's family)

Alpine Events is located in beautiful Montrose, Colorado. We offer many services for any type of event, but weddings are our specialty. We have event rentals, tuxedo rentals, flowers, and all-inclusive wedding packages to ensure your day is a success! Give us a call or email us today!

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